Is This Love?

Is this love? The most common question arises when we find somewhere a strange connection with him/her during a party or a conversation or his/her behavior which we sometimes adore. Maybe this can be love, read by blog to know my take on love, emotions and about my response. Like where most of the story […]

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Live Your Life To The Fullest.

Life is not a small thing, it is out of your control and beyond your expectations. Live your life according to your own choice instead living according to someone’s other perspective. You might not feel this today but maybe tomorrow or when you will get old. When your dreams became a burden for you…. Then […]

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Her Attachment

It’s a fact that when we get attached to someone and that also with our heart than it is hard to leave and impossible to forget. Sometimes it is the attachment of love or of pain, of joy or of happiness but somewhere these attachments help us to get together with this world. This helps […]

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The Untold Journey

When you not have a reason to live, when you not have the time to think, when you don’t understand the truth of life and struggles making your life a burden and finally got the solution of suicide. If we can’t face some struggles and trying a stupid idea suicide and thinking to be out […]

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Life Is A Summer Vacation

Our life journey is almost like a summer vacation. Life is like a toss in which sometimes we get heads which gives happiness and tails which gives sometimes sadness. My life is not less than a summer vacation, just imagine the time of our vacations. When all the cousins come to house to spend time […]

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Your Thought

Everyday I face with several thoughts which are good and bad but that one thought about you every morning, every night and infact all the day that what was the one mistake that I have done and you left me. Whenever I come back to my home I feel that you are standing on my […]

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Happy Birthday King Khan

SHAH RUKH KHAN, the king of romance and charm, turns 52 today. One to the best actor of Indian Cinema, the most loving living legend on this planet,he most popular name in every country and the man who inspired the millions. The man who gave us the reason to go to the cinemas. The man […]

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